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November is Team Iowa Referral Month

The month of November is Team Iowa Referral month!  This is the second year that we have declared November as a referral month, last year’s program was a hit!  Trying something different this year so we decided to work with Panera’s and offer up some gift cards!  This reward program is a win-win for everyone involved.  A referral or lead program is nothing new; many of you over the years have provided me with some very good referrals and leads.  A referral or lead is something that we treasure in sales; it is a sign that you were happy enough with how we took care of you that you shared us with someone else that may need our products or services.

A referral or lead for Team Iowa can be any type of business in any industry, any size of business or located in any state or city.  We work with businesses of all types and size and in any state. Many of the leads or referrals that we receive are a spouse or significant other in another business, a friend of a friend, coaches of sports teams, small business owners, non-profits, restaurants, churches, realtors or someone that just feels we would be a good fit for someone that they know at a business that they use.  When we wrote the business plan for Team Iowa our client was anyone who used promotional products, apparel or awards.  That model still fits today!

Here’s how it works…. For every referral or lead that you give us we will give you a $50 Panera’s Gift Card once the referral or lead becomes a customer with Team Iowa.  I can safely say that my sales approach is pretty laid back and pretty easy to work with.  I would ask for the name of the business, contact name and either an email address or telephone number for the referral you are sharing with me.  Within a day or two I will follow-up with the lead by introducing myself, telling the person how I got their information and would ask for a time that we could chat.  It’s that simple!  I will let you know how the call goes and as soon as we do some business together I will send you a $50 Panera’s Gift Card.

So without further explanation, November is officially proclaimed Team Iowa Referral month, the program runs through Nov 28th.  I thank you in advance for any referrals or leads that you send our way.  If you are happy with us, please share our story with others and please pass some referrals or leads our way.  In the end we will be forever grateful and hopefully the Panera’s Gift Card is something that you will enjoy as well. Panera's