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Toddy Gear Putting a New Spin on Micro Fiber


Toddy Gear is putting a new spin on micro fiber related products.  Micro fiber is not new to the industry, however a new company called Toddy Gear is taking micro fiber to a new level.  To say they have raised the bar is an understatement.  The “hottest” segment of the promotional products industry is still Technology.  Power Banks, Blue tooth items, stylus pens, headphones and any other item that supports technology continues to dominate this area. As technology has changed, so hasn’t micro fiber.

Micro Fiber cloths were the pioneer, the trail blazing item that started the craze a few years back. Many of you have ordered and reordered cloths from me over the years and had extremely successful uses with them.  Micro fiber cloths were originally designed as a useful item to clean eye glasses, however they are used today to clean just about everything but eye glasses.

Almost everyone has a cell phone, tablet, labtop, or some other technology driven electronic device.  These Smart Cloths are large enough to allow a story to be told or to simply reproduce a corporate brand in full color while still giving something that is extremely practical and useful by most while not breaking the budget.

The Smart Cloth is a two sided plush innovation of cleaning magic.  One side gives the opportunity to be decorated in full color, at 5″x7″ in size you can tell a story.  The backside is a high quality plush material that will truly clean, not smear but really clean your screen or eye glasses.  For a few extra cents, there is some custom packaging that can really take the product to the next level.

Toddy Gear has several incredible unique products in its line-up. The Wedge is another creative piece that is used to hold a mobile device on your desk in place, again a wonderful item that can be produced in your company colors and also decorated in full color.

The number one question I get asked is… “What’s The Hot New Item”? Well know you have it, I would consider the Smart Cloth or The Wedge from Toddy Gear for your next promotion.  I have tons of samples to show!  Toddy Gear has also offered up free virtual spec samples as well. The technology sector is only going to grow, you can enhance your internal promotions with these products while boosting your return on investment.  While these items are perfect for technology based companies, they will work for anyone.  They have an incredibly high perceived value, they are new and unique in design and extremely practical. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.