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Team Iowa Ranks 20th in the Promotional Products Industry


At the recent PPAI Conference (Promotional Products Association International) held in Las Vegas, Team Iowa was recognized as the 20th largest distributor within the Ipromoteu network.  The award requires several qualifications to be achieved within the calendar year.  Overall customer satisfaction, sales volume, vendor reviews and industry participation are taken in to consideration when distributors are rated. This is the 3rd consecutive year that Team Iowa has been ranked in the Top 25 amongst thousands of other distributors within the United States and Canada.

Greta and I would like to share this award with all of you, please understand how thankful we are to have friends and customers like you.  Without all of you as part of our team we would not have been able to achieve the success and recognition that has come our way these past three years.  I know we don’t say “thanks” enough, but I truly look at all of you as my friends, we view each of you as part of our team.  We are very fortunate, very blessed and even a little lucky at times to be where we are at within our industry.  The vision we had 5 years ago when Team Iowa was started seemed like a stretch, 5 years later that vision has turned in to reality.  With that said, again many thanks for the support that you have shown, the confidence and trust that you have in us.  It means the world to both Greta and I.  Going to work every day doesn’t seem like work when you enjoy what you do and to have friends and customers like all of you.

Again many thanks for all that you have done for us, we wish all of you a wonderful, safe and successful 2015 ahead.