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Custom Motion Notes


As printing advances continue to come in to the promotional products industry, another new process has arrived, Custom Motion Notes!   Remember back to our school days and one of our projects in art was to create a story book, the type where you flipped the corners of your book and images would dance and jump across the pages?  Well maybe not all of you had this fun art project, however I was one that made everything look like a stick man, no matter if it was a dog or a tree.

This new printing process in our industry has come to sticky notes!  You now have the ability to design a custom sticky note and have a logo, message or picture move across the bottom of the note pad.  Custom Motion Notes is here, this process takes a very popular product used by most and gives it another dynamic option for creative branding.  A mailing went out last week with a sample of the product.  The early response has been positive!  Give Custom Motion Notes a consideration the next time you want to order sticky notes. Below is a picture of the promotional flyer with special pricing.