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2016 TIPPS Event – Supplier Information

After last year’s event we asked several of the attendees three questions concerning the TIPPS event. Do you feel the event is of value, do you like the assortment of suppliers that exhibit and if you could change anything about the event what would it be.  The TIPPS event is the only show of its kind in the Cedar Rapids area, this being the 4th year for the event the attendance has grown every year.  The one comment that was noticed more than others was that you clients would like to have some information ahead of time on who will be attending and what do they bring to the table that you may need.  So with that said, here’s a start to what you asked for.  I will send out some supplier information each week up until the show.  Again keep in mind all of these suppliers are companies that we have used for years, maybe we have used their products with your company and these suppliers have won several industry awards over the years for various products and services they offer. Hopefully this information will help you prepare for the event a bit ahead of time.

TIPPS Supplier List 1